[MPlayer-dev-eng] offer to include gopher protocol support

Vincenzo Nicosia katolaz at freaknet.org
Tue Jan 14 01:29:52 EET 2020

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 11:02:03PM +0100, Alexander Strasser wrote:

> Did you test it on some content? I didn't try playing media over gopher
> yet :)

Yes, it works, but having to put the ffmpeg:// scheme before the actual
gopher:// URL is quite awful (and a bit annoying).

> As mentioned by Nicolas, one could possibly improve the UI here. Like
> for example trying FFmpeg's protocols if MPlayer doesn't support the
> protocol.
> I don't have time to work on this. So if you would like to look into
> that, it could be a bigger improvment to mplayer usability in general.

That's a good idea, and I am willing to work on that. It would be a
"if anything else fail, try ffmpeg://", which indeed would make a lot
of sense from the UI perspective, and would work for any protocol
supported by ffmpeg (i.e., not just for gopher :P).

Let me have a look at the code. I will come up with something and I
will send a patch for review soon.


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