[MPlayer-dev-eng] dvd -vs- dvdnav

Nico Sabbi nicola.sabbi at poste.it
Wed Jul 13 14:51:30 CEST 2011

Alexander Roalter ha scritto:
> for that, dvd://1-99 would also suffice, so you can emulate a "Play 
> All" feature.
> dvdnav has the advantage that it works with copy protected DVDs that 
> use deliberately erroneous bad sectors placed in the normal stream. 
> dvdnav navigates around them via the cell commands, and dvd doesn't, 
> leaving some DVDs unplayable.
> Nowadays, I always use dvdnav instead of dvd, angle switching is 
> something I never use, but currently on some chapter breaks dvdnav 
> still gets a 'hickup' instead of playing smoothly through it. And I 
> have a bunch of DVDs that won't play at all (only the dumped variant 
> -dumpstream, in connection with dvdnav) will play when stored as a 
> file (also b/c of copy protection, but apparently dvdnav has a problem 
> handling these cell commands.
> I have also an issue with german Star Trek XI and Transformers II 
> (both from Paramount), which also have some sort of copy protection, 
> and here cell navigation and hickup at chapter break come together 
> making it tiresome to watch. dumpstream on the other hand delivers a 
> completely different result ??

really strange. If you can play smoothly the dump there's no reason why 
the stream shouldn't play. Maybe there's something that
makes the VM  spin round

> I'd really like to see the dvdnav improved in that matter, i.e.
> - no hickup at chapter breaks,
> - playback of the remaining problematic DVDs
> - correct seeking: currently, with some DVDs seeking within a certain 
> range always seeks to the same position: an example:
> Transformers 2 DVD: has 99 titles on the main feature disc, most of 
> them are 'false' titles that play only a shortened version of the 
> movie (some chapters missing, others playing in different order).
> Going through the menu (with -v and dvdnav), I see that title 9 is the 
> correct title to play. It also has the correct length on -identify
> Now at chapter 4, roughly 14 minutes into the movie, comes a chapter 
> break, that is not handled well: macroblock pixelation, audio hickup. 
> When I seek to this position I land at 9 minutes and pressing forward 
> 10 seconds I get to something like 9:40, but pressing forward again, I 
> still get to 9:40. I can let the movie play beyond this position up 
> until 12 minutes, pressing forward still gets me back to 9:40. So 
> getting to the 14 minutes position is only doable when playing it out 
> at normal speed, no seeking.
> And if I use dumpstream instead of normal playback, after chapter 4 
> doesn't come chapter 5, but again it jumps back to chapter 3. I can 
> provide more info and a clearer analysis if needed.
aha, this is more consistent.

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