[MPlayer-dev-eng] dvd -vs- dvdnav

Mike Castle dalgoda+mplayer at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 02:37:48 CEST 2011

I have seen a lot of Disney TV show DVDs that have even stranger

If you navigate to a track with either xine or mplayer dvdnav:// , the
track will play.

But if you go directly to the track, with any combination of xine
/dev/dvd/N, mplayer dvd://N, mplayer dvdnav://N , it's all blocky and
doesn't play at all.

If I use libdvdnav's example program ``menus'' and use it to navigate
to the track and dump it, it plays beautifully.

I wonder if some of the issues you're seeing with the Paramount
streams might be similar?


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