[MPlayer-dev-eng] [PATCH] RFC: CrystalHD decoder support

Philip Langdale mplayer.philipl at overt.org
Tue Dec 21 04:43:53 CET 2010

 On 2010-12-20 8:34:29, Benjamin Zores wrote:

> FYI, I had a BCM70012 which never worked out that well (in 
> gst-crystalhd).
> I just bought a BCM70015 that does wonder.
> So I'm starting considering it's the 70012 itself (or its firmware)
> that is actually bugged.

 I actually got my 70012 to work well with gstbcmdec after one of the 
 more significant
 updates to the driver/lib so I think it can be made to work, but 
 certainly my
 current code is not treating it well. I would not be surprised to hear 
 that the
 vlc patch has similar problems.

> Haven't looked at the patch yet but I'll give it a try by tonight if 
> possible.
> FYI, VLC just added CrystalHD support very recently (or at least a
> patch is 2-3 weeks old on mailing list),
> if you need something else to compare with (other than gst).

 Thanks for the heads up, I took a look and it's conceptually the same; 
 but it
 doesn't touch interlacing at all, and I suspect that if vlc actually 
 uses output
 timestamps, things will go south fast on a 70015 as that fails to 
 return them
 with the decoded frames (as mentioned in my reply to Reimar.

 I do intend to move this to an ffmpeg codec once I've dealt with the 
 major problems
 and hopefully vlc can share that.


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