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Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Tue Aug 12 22:46:59 CEST 2003

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Am Dienstag, 12. August 2003 22:10 schrieb Alex Beregszaszi:
> Hi,
> Replying to myself as the mailer sucked..
> > It's clear that we need some release strategy as 0.90 was release
> > about a half year ago and the users are disappointed.
> So, the current proposed release 'version-line' is:
> mplayer g1
>   * current codebase
>   * probably final release in a half year ;)

ok, but lets release asap an 0.91 one ...

Users are really waiting for it or perhaps an early alpha of 0.99 ;-).

> mplayer g1.5
>   * original g1 codebase
>   * plus backported (de)muxer/filter/vo layers of g2
>   * for extensive testing of g2 api


> mplayer g2
>   * switch finally to lib based g2
>   * provide (G)UIs


> Any comments?
> Btw, I wanted mplayer 1.0 insetead 0.99, but Arpi is against that,
> becouse he doesn't like 1.0 softwares and mplayer isn't so stable as it
> should be for 1.0. That's ok, but it won't be released soon anyway and
> 1.0 doesn't means that a sw is finished, it's only a state in the whole
> long way, after 1.0 there's much life, probably more than under 1.0 (or
> not in our case?:). A 1.0 sw should have a big community and developer
> team.

Yes, but the expectations of the users are soooooooooooooooo high ...

See what happened with the linux kernel ...

Linus released 0.99 then 0.99a 0.99b 0.99c 0.99d1 0.99d2 and so on ;-)

Finally they got to an stable 1.0.

The question is, are we able to satisfyy the users needs and the expectations 
of an 1.0 ...

Perhaps we should make an bug-hunting "time" like other projects have ... :-)

That means developers meet to a time in irc and one has prepared a list or a 
small team searches for all open bugs on ML first ...

And then the approach is to have as many fixed bugs in that hour or two as 
possible ...

Its really fun :-).


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