[MPlayer-dev-eng] Re: Mplayer unable to play MPEG2-TS over RTP (Was: Mplayer as a Client for VideoLAN server)

Rett Walters rettw at rtwnetwork.com
Mon Aug 4 04:35:28 CEST 2003


>Huh?  "demux_rtp.cpp" is a C++ file.  Why are you trying to compile it with
>the C compiler?  The Makefile should be doing the right thing (i.e
>compiling C++ files with the C++ compiler).  Are you sure you 'configure'd

Yes, I configured properly - see Nico's followup about a type def needed in his
demuxer.h patches to fix this issue.

>ps. In any case, you should be using a more recent CVS version of the code,
>so you can use the new "demux_is_multiplexed_rtp_stream()" function, which
>tells you whether or not the input RTP stream has audio+video multiplexed
As per your above suggestion:

I have applied Nico's patches and fix for the compile issue to CVS tar ball from
8-03-2003, and have found that the problem we originally had (Completely corrupt
video and mplayer crashing after a few seconds).  So I am not sure that the code you
mentioned above to detect multiplexed RTP streams is working properly.  I have much
more success from using 7-24 CVS (which Nico's patches are derived from).  At least
the video is relatively intact, unlike the latest CVS.


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