[MPlayer-announce] MPlayer 1.0pre5 released

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Thu Jul 15 02:57:13 CEST 2004

MPlayer 1.0pre5 released:

Once again after a long delay we are proud and happy to present you
our latest release. Tons of new features and bug fixes were included,
many during a big hacking session at LinuxTag 2004. The pending patch
queue has been greatly reduced and as usual we expect to make the next
release in a more timely fashion ;-)

Since you already know about the name change the most important change
is the security relevant string handling code audit. Read the details
in the relevant advisory. If you haven't upgraded to a CVS snapshot
already, upgrade to pre5 now.

Highlights of this release include improved Mac OS X and Windows
support, improved seeking in Real files, better MEncoder documentation
with an updated DVD ripping guide, streaming related bug fixes,
fullscreen bug fixes, a new unified ao_alsa ALSA audio output driver
to replace ao_alsa9 and ao_alsa1x, a JACK audio output driver and new
icons for the GUI and menus. Of course we also did the usual stuff
like support for more codecs, new video filters and bug fixes all over
the place.

The codec packages have been updated and they now sport version
numbers so you can easily tell whether you have the latest one or
not. Grab them if you are interested in complete codec support.

Have fun...

MPlayer 1.0pre5: "LinuxTag release"


    * It's "MPlayer - The Movie Player" instead of
      "MPlayer - The Movie Player for Linux" now.


    * complete review of string operations, buffer overflows fixed


    * small additions, corrections, updates all over the place
    * audio output driver section added to the man page
    * several bug fixes and improvements in the MEncoder documentation
    * DVD ripping guide extended and improved
    * AUTHORS file massively extended
    * German man page partially updated
    * Hungarian XML documentation translation started


    * encrypted DVD playback on Windows fixed (again)
    * Cygwin and MinGW now accept the same -dvd-device syntax
    * LIVE.COM now works under MinGW
    * foundations for MinGW crosscompilation
    * disabled SSE on MinGW as it caused crashes
    * AC3 passthrough for ao_win32
    * improved vo_quartz (YUV, multiple screens support)
    * vo_quartz made default on Mac OS X
    * ao_macosx fixed and made default again on Mac OS X
    * RealVideo binary codecs support on Mac OS X (still buggy)
    * bigendian fixes in vf.c, vo_tga
    * OpenBSD portability fixes
    * OpenBSD/VAX support
    * AMD64 support


    * support for more Radeons (9800 XT among them) in VIDIX
    * Radeon related bug fixes in VIDIX
    * vo_gl2 now supports GUI, fix for flickering borders in fullscreen
    * support 24 and 32 bit PCM files, bigendian fixes
    * ao_sdl now converts unsupported formats instead of quitting
    * ENCA support
    * merged ao_alsa9 and ao_alsa1x drivers into ao_alsa
    * NeoMagic TV-out support through VESA
    * JACK audio output driver
    * vo_sdl fixes (wrong flags and screensaver disabling)
    * vo_directx fixes


    * MSZH/ZLIB, FLI, QTRLE, RoQ video and RoQ audio support moved to FFmpeg
    * FFmpeg Cinepak and CYUV decoders preferred
    * audio format 0xff support (is AAC)
    * "raw" audio in MOV supported
    * Indeo audio (iac25) support via binary codec
    * upgrade libfaad2 to the FAAD 2.0 release
    * MPEG2 chroma422/444 support
    * Winnov WINX and WNV1 support via binary codec


    * Ogg subtitle handling and other bug fixes
    * Matroska improvements
    * support seeking in Real files without -idx
    * support seeking in Real files without index with -forceidx


    * ASF, MMST streaming fixes
    * URL escaping fixed
    * NSA (Nullsoft audio) streaming support
    * embedded RAM playlist support
    * multibyte URL support
    * rtp:// now supported even with LIVE.COM compiled in
    * miscellaneous bug fixes


    * vf_softskip: frame skipping filter for MEncoder
    * vf_harddup: frame duplication filter for MEncoder
    * vf_pullup minor fixes and improvements
    * AltiVec-optimized YUV to RGB converter
    * vf_spp memory corruption fix on reallocation


    * MPEG2 encoding with 8, 9, 10, 11 bit intra DC precision
    * DC clipping fix, intra_dc_precision > 0 support
    * Cinepak fixes and palette support
    * support skipping of MB rows during decoding
    * Vorbis in NUT fixed
    * NUT updated to latest specification
    * segfault and artifact fixes in SVQ3 decoder
    * motion estimation code: overflow and chroma fixes
    * change qscale -> lambda for the motion estimation
    * noise preserving sum of squares comparison function in ME code
    * fixed memory overwrite in truemotion decoder
    * clip input motion vectors, better error tolerance on bad vectors
    * FLAC decoder cleanup (partial demuxer/decoder separation)
    * memalign hack for SSE/SSE2 on that alternative OS :)
    * lots of AltiVec optimizations
    * qscale + qprd fix
    * QTrle4 support
    * H.261 decoder
    * coefficient saturation fix in H.263
    * H.263 MCBPC fix
    * per line lowpass filter in MMX and faster C lowpass filter
    * SVQ1 encoder
    * as usual, lots of bug fixes and optimizations


    * fullscreen fixes for many window managers
    * fix crash on original Pentiums and older
    * dvd://start-end support
    * netstream (mpst://) support fixed
    * support comments in plaintext playlists
    * loader/ dependency removed
    * keepaspect option extended to all video output drivers
    * WMA to Ogg conversion and simple subtitle editing script added to TOOLS
    * support for more lame options
    * new set of GUI icons
    * memory conserving implementation of GUI potmeters
    * X11 code reindented
    * further gcc 3.4 support fixes
    * mixer API written for changing volume through libaf
    * -rtc-device option for specifying the RTC device
    * desktop/menu icon added
    * miscellaneous bug fixes and cleanups
    * multi-threaded encoding with lavc
    * fixed a bug with Real files introduced in pre4
    * -use-stdin renamed to -noconsolecontrols

MPlayer 1.0pre5 can be downloaded from the following locations:

Hungary 1
Hungary 2

MD5SUM: fbe6919eb025526e8ed129cd61a49969

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