[MPlayer-announce] Talks about Video Player Software at the Swiss Unix Conference 2004

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Mon Jul 12 03:15:02 CEST 2004

Hello everyone!

Did you ever wanted to hear about how video players
are written ? How they internaly work ? Talk with one
of the leading developers of your favorite project ?
Or even touch one ? 
Then come to the upcoming Swiss Unix Conference 2004!

Here the official announcement:

             SUCON'04 - 2nd Swiss Unix Conference


                  2nd Swiss Unix Conference
                    September  2-4, 2004
                     Technopark, Zurich

    Early bird discount available until Monday, 9th August.

Provisional Conference Programme

Operating Systems:
  o Keynote: History of Linux - Theodore Ts'o
  o Documentation / CodingStyle and Beyond - Greg-KH
  o Linux Power Management - Patrick Mochel
  o NetBSD Status Report Fall 2004 - Hubert Feyrer
  o Old mistakes repeated (but you do get the source code now)
       - Poul-Henning Kamp
  o Resource Management in Linux using CKRM - Rik van Riel
  o The Linux Standard Base: Solving the Cross-Distribution
       Compatibility Challenge - Theodore Ts'o
  o The sysfs Filesystem - Patrick Mochel
  o udev, a way to manage /dev from userspace - Greg-KH

Free Software:
  o Keynote: Quality Issues in Free Software Projects
       - Martin Michlmayr
  o The Legal 101 for Open Source Contributors and Users
       - David Rosenthal
  o Debian - Contributing to the Project - Martin Michlmayr
  o Writing Portable Multimedia Applications - Samuel Hocevar
  o Google in Zurich - Narayanan Shivakumar, Google

  o A secure BGP Implemementation - Henning Brauer
  o ADSL Provider Issues - Fredy Kuenzler
  o Application Layer Fingerprinting - Hendrik Scholz
  o FreeBSD Network Enhancements - Andre Oppermann
  o High Availability using Keepalived - Alexandre Cassen
  o HTB - detailed look into new QoS shaper - Martin Devera
  o Installing IPv6 - Peter Bieringer (Hands-On)
  o Linux Packet Classification Performance - Jamal Hadi Salim
  o Performance and Enhancement Response Team (PERT)
       - Chris Welti, SWITCH
  o PF - Extended Introduction - Max Laier
  o Status of IPv6 Implementations - Peter Bieringer

System Management:
  o FreeBSD network performance tunig - Hendrik Scholz
  o Fully automatic Linux installations - Thomas Lange
  o Performance bottleneck detection and removal - Hendrik Scholz
  o Spamikaze - a distributed anti-spam technology - Rik van Riel
  o System Admin Training in the Virtual Unix Lab - Hubert Feyrer

  o GBDE -- Spook strength disk encryption - Poul-Henning Kamp
  o Rule Set Based Access Control (RSBAC) - Securing Linux from
       the inside - Amon Ott

  o All About MPLayer - Alex Beregszaszi
  o Multimedia On Unix: Past, Present, and Future - Mike Melanson
  o Multimedia Trash And The Evolution of Full Motion Video
       - Mike Melanson

Training Programme
  o How to Recover From Hard Disk Disasters - Theodore Ts'o
  o How to Use LDAP for User Management - Lukas Beeler
  o Contributing to Eclipse: understanding and writing plug-ins
     - Kai-Uwe Maetzel

The exhibition will take place on all days and is open for
commercial and non-profit organizations. Contact office at sucon.ch
if you are interested in exhibiting.

  o Free internet access via conference network for wired and
    wireless clients.
  o Rooms open to the public for spontaneous meetings, coding
    sessions and discussions.
  o Bulletin Boards with latest programme schedules and
    job offers.

Conference Fees

Early Bird Registrations (Before August 9):
             Regular         Association*  Student/Unemployed
1 Day     CHF  50/EUR 33    CHF  40/EUR 26    CHF 30/EUR 20
3 Days    CHF  90/EUR 59    CHF  70/EUR 46    CHF 50/EUR 33

Regular Registrations (After August 9):
             Regular         Association*  Student/Unemployed
1 Day     CHF  80/EUR 53    CHF  60/EUR 39    CHF 50/EUR 33
3 Days    CHF 150/EUR 99    CHF 100/EUR 66    CHF 80/EUR 53

* All members of SUUG or any other national Unix User Group
  receive a discount. Ask your user group leaders for the
  authorization code.

Thanks to our sponsor

                        Hewlett Packard

We are still looking for sponsors: contact office at sucon.ch for

  SUCON'04 Committee
  office at sucon.ch


			Attila Kinali

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