[MEncoder-users] With time honoured always working alsa settings no more audio with mencoder...

Miroslav Rovis m.rovis at inet.hr
Fri Nov 9 01:48:29 CET 2012

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Since the good MPLAYERHQ.HU Mplayer Headquarters, where Mplayer
started by Árpád Gereöffy, my Hungarian neighbour (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mplayer ) is already showing my post:


but the secret services haven't yet sifted my mail to decide what of
my mail to let me have and what not to (it's a regular treatment that
the killer's children who they are give to even tolerant rightwingers
like me),

((( Actually I wasn't right this time around, because I'm on digest
with mencoder at this time. But I like what I wrote, because it is
true, in many other similar occasions. )))

I can not reply in good order to my own post.

I know it'll be posted in the right thread because I'll give it the
right Subject line, which is good enough for good mailing lists...

### Now the tech content.

If we look into mplayer (should have been in mencoder) archives:
there we find the thread by the subject:
[MPlayer-users] A-V sync with mencoder/mplayer

Starting from, say:


Somewhere there, or later, or even earlier, and thanks to help from
Reimar Döffinger and others, I was able to, after days of testing, get
mencoder to fabulously :-) capture on Composite (be it S-video or to
Composite through adapters, or plain Composite, from, usually either
from S-video, Composite, or Scart inputs, so we're talking old
equipment, still just good for old footage of any kind)...

But I was saying, thanks to help from Mencoder crew, I was able to
capture with mencoder on Composite input of my now old Hauppauge
HVR-3000 PCI card, both video and audio, and it was the sync that was
the hurdle par excellance, like no other, bothered people later on as

The code that I still use, and is based on those findings, or maybe
later improvements, who can tell, and I'm not rummiging into all the
archives now, has stopped capturing from line-in, for short.

These are the relevant profiles in ~miro/.mplayer/mencoder.conf

profile-desc="mpeg4 capture"


I don't remember now why I needed to make two profiles, I remember
that just worked for all this time... with the commend (or a previous
variant of the following command):

mencoder tv:// -profile mpeg4_capt_noAu  -o Compo_`date +C%m%d_%H%M`.avi

I use C insted of 12 for year 2012 (because I'll be using one digit
instead of one in  tens of thousands of instances, this way), so the part:

`date +C%m%d_%H%M`
(those are the socalled backticks at beginning and end; I always like
providing extra explanations for possible newbies to understand)

get substituted with the current
month day _ hour minute (without blanks. two digits each),
so I can make those numerous tries if I need without having to
delete/overwrite files.

I'm not explaining all now, but the relevant for the problem that I have.

The line that does the audio capture setting is:


It actually does the video and audio setting, but the audio setting is
determined with:


which is in that line.

That is the bit that doesn't work anymore.

Now comes the pictures, moving, to the aid of the needy...

But they are so clumsily made.... I'm sorry!

On the other hand, I am really grasping for time like the drowning for
air... Sorry!

This is the video:

"Screen 2012-11-08, 19h, Alsa problem 2" No! Not anymore! Now it reads:

"Screen 2012-11-08, 19h, Alsa problem 2, pls see text below"


Note exclusively ;-) for mencoder users. Don't bother listening after
the real mess starts, which is after about 9:00, because I forgot to
switch back to microphone from line-in, and only thought that I was
taping own talk...

Sure, there is also

"Screen 2012-1x-xx, xxh, Alsa problem" (or part 1, Youtube should give
you that)

The line that OTOH captures the audio fine, is:

ffmpeg -f pulse -i default Ffm_`date +C%m%d_%H%M`.wav

and it captures what I set ti to capture, either Line-in or Mic or
probably something else (haven't tried yet).

My question is:

how do I either:

1) configure mencoder to capture pulseaudio just like ffmpeg does


2) get mencoder to capture audio from my Line-in in come other way

I hope I made a much clearer now.

Thanks people. Let's solve this issue, so mencoder can still be used
on precious VHS tapes, and other stuff. which is not going away
anytime soon, just yet, and for years to come!

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