[MEncoder-users] Dualcore and Quadcore performance?

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Mon Mar 23 00:45:03 CET 2009

Al Bogner wrote:

> Am Sonntag 22 März 2009 20:25:22 schrieb larrystotler at netscape.net:
>>>> I want to build a PC with Opensuse 11.1 especially for
>>>> video-encoding.?
>> FInally, they weren't using mencoder, so I'm not sure how well that
>> relates.? Here's a good page with an x264comparison:
>> http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2009/01/08/amd-phenom-ii-x4-940-and-920-review/9
> Thank you both for the reviews. Unfortunately both didn't help me to
> get a feeling what is the difference in speed with these processors,
> using mencoder and Opensuse 11.1 or any other linux. Since I want to
> compare cpus, which I don't own, it doesn't make sense to compare
> myself.
> AMD Phenom II X4 920 4x 2.80GHz AM2+ 125W Stepping C2 Box
> INTEL Core 2 Duo E8400 2x 3,00GHz 6MB 333MHz boxed or
> INTEL Core 2 Quad Q8200 4x 2.33GHz, 333MHz

All of these are covered in reviews by The Tech Report, which I
generally find to be quite useful. They don't test MEncoder itself, but
they do run a wide variety of benchmarks (albeit Windows-only),
including some encoding tests; if you look back through their feature
articles for CPU reviews, the last couple should include all three of
these, with graphs indicating their relative performance.

> It is getting complicated with the onboard-components of the boards,
> because I read of audio-problems with Asus-boards and Realtek chips.
> The AMD system will be about 20€ more expensive, so the decision will
> go to the faster encoding cpu and of course I am interested in the
> problems with the TLB-Bug of the Phenom which would be an argument to
> use an Intel cpu.

As has been already stated, the TLB erratum was a problem with an older
Phenom revision only; AIUI, it has never been present in any Phenom II

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