[MEncoder-users] DVD creation problem, settop player cuts off boarder

Phil Ehrens phil at slug.org
Sun Mar 22 00:00:05 CET 2009

karl-heinz-1950 at web.de wrote:
> Let me see if I understood this correctly:
> My recording has 720x576 pixels (full of "information" no black boarder), correct? My TV thinks that all these pixels occupy the overscan area and instead of displaying possible strange things, e.g. green bars, in that area it rather cuts off the picture?
> So using the -vf scale=720:576,expand=-64:-32:32:16 it would do
> scale: shouldn"t do anything since my input is already on this resolution
> expand: adds a black border around the picture
> The result would be a picture larger 720x576 and thus violating PAL standard, wouldn"t it? Or does it first the expand (though second in the chain), so it enlarges the picture and it scales it back to the PAL standard? If that happens the viewable amount of pixels is reduced - which shouldn"t happen.

As I said, you can use the options with mplayer to preview exactly
what they do. They scale down the video to fit in the viewable
area, and add black bars which are in the overscan zones. It might
sound strange, but it's the right thing to do if you want to see
the entire picture.

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