[MEncoder-users] DVD creation problem, settop player cuts off boarder

karl-heinz-1950 at web.de karl-heinz-1950 at web.de
Sat Mar 21 13:37:36 CET 2009

Let me see if I understood this correctly:

My recording has 720x576 pixels (full of "information" no black boarder), correct? My TV thinks that all these pixels occupy the overscan area and instead of displaying possible strange things, e.g. green bars, in that area it rather cuts off the picture?

So using the -vf scale=720:576,expand=-64:-32:32:16 it would do

scale: shouldn"t do anything since my input is already on this resolution
expand: adds a black border around the picture

The result would be a picture larger 720x576 and thus violating PAL standard, wouldn"t it? Or does it first the expand (though second in the chain), so it enlarges the picture and it scales it back to the PAL standard? If that happens the viewable amount of pixels is reduced - which shouldn"t happen.


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> James Hastings-Trew wrote:
> > This may be in incorrect observation, but hasn't overscan gone the way
> > of the dodo bird, at least with LCD and plasma displays?
> If only that were true. Many HDTV displays go out of their way to turn on
> overscan whenever they believe they are not displaying something from a
> computer. My months-old Samsung LCD will turn off overscan only if you
> give it a 1080p signal at 60 frames per second. Any other signal (1080i,
> 1080p at 24 frames per second) will kick it into overscan.
> Apparently this is because many American networks and television stations
> continue to put junk on the edges of the screen and rely on overscanning
> displays to crop it. NBC had a yellow line on left. ABC had a green bar on
> the right for years until they fixed it. Fox continues to send a strange
> 16:9 bar when broadcasting pillar-boxed 4:3 material which regularly
> confuses people into thinking the pillars are "blocking" a full 16:9
> picture. Many stations continue to send NTSC sources with
> closed-captioning and other services on lines above 22 which people find
> distracting.
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