[MEncoder-users] lavs encoding and divx compatibility

Grozdan microchip at telenet.be
Sun Feb 1 23:35:33 CET 2009

On Sunday 01 February 2009 23:28:22 Stjepan Brbot wrote:
> Hi,
> according to the specification my standalone DVD + DivX player Samsung
> DVD-V6500 does support:
> * Supported CODEC formats: DivX3, DivX4, DivX5 (GMC 1WP)
> * Supported file formats: *.avi, *.mpeg
> * Supported audio formats: AC3, MP3, WMA
> * Supported caption formats: * .SMI, * .SRT, * .SUB
> But it does not reproduce DivX created with mencoder when video codec is
> lavc (mencoder -ovc lavc). With xvid encoding everything is fine.
> According to mencoder documentation lavc encoding actually produce DivX
> coded movies.

you need to set the FourCC or else lavc's mpeg4 defaults to FMP4 and no player 
will play it, afaik

-ffourcc DX50
-ffourcc DIVX

> * What is the problem with compatibility of this lavc?
> * What this "GMC 1WP" in specification for DivX5 stands for?

Global Motion Compensation - 1 Warp Point

> * Why xvid encoding is many times slower than lavc encoding?

lavc's mpeg4 has pretty fast default options compared to xvid

> * What is lavc comparing to ffmpeg?

lavc is the same in both mencoder and ffmpeg. It is part of the libavcodecs 
library from ffmpeg

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