[MEncoder-users] A/V out of synchron

TAJTHY Tamás tajthy at mailbox.hu
Fri Dec 7 12:38:27 CET 2007

Dear Ross,

> I've had a *lot* of problems with sound going out of sync with mencoder.
> Generally for me it happens with large (as in large width and height) movies
> rather than smaller ones. Usually when this question comes up there is a
> recommendation to use harddup at the end of your filter chain, but you are
> already doing this, and it didn't solve my problems.

I tried to google about this problem and I found the "harddup" and "-mc 0
-noskip" stuff. I tried these, but only partial luck.

I have written yesterday, that the reboot solved the problem. Khmmm... Only
partially. I have a film (104 minutes long). For cca. 98 minutes the encoded film
has a correct A/V sync, but after that it starts drifting... How can this be???
In the original 10GB grabbed film I could not detect this. It seems to be
punctual frame-by-frame (I look it pressing '.' in mplayer).

I'll do some tests:

1. I'll convert only the last 10 minutes of that film (using -ss, -endpos in
2. I'll convert it using by VirtualDub
3. I'll convert to some other format XViD, H.264 and check if this happens

I'll post the result...


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