[MEncoder-users] sync problem with -oac faac

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Wed Mar 1 01:28:49 CET 2006

Victor Condino wrote:
>>what's the command line you are using?
> for two-pass:
> mencoder -passlogfile human_traffic.log -x264encopts
> pass=1:subq=1:frameref=1:bitrate=804 -oac copy -ovc x264 foo.vob -o
> /dev/null
> mencoder -passlogfile human_traffic.log -x264encopts
> pass=2:subq=6:frameref=15:4x4mv:me=3:bitrate=804 -faacopts br=96 -oac
> faac -ovc x264 foo.vob -o foo.avi

Does the problem go away when you use '-oac faac' for the first pass as

Also, I notice that you aren't using '-ofps 24000/1001'. That may be
fine, or it might not. Be sure you're familiar with at least the first
part of this section of the documentation:


...particularly if you're seeing lots and lots of messages that say '1
duplicate frame(s)!'.

Other than that, I think you're going to have to do a few more things
for us. I can't reproduce your problem. Read the bug reporting guidelines:


Mostly, I'm interested in a sample file big enough to reproduce your
problem. You can use dd to extract a portion of your source file. Or,
alternatively, you can try to reproduce the problem on a file that is
already publicly available. I use this for most of my A-V sync testing:



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