[MEncoder-users] sync problem with -oac faac

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Wed Mar 1 00:14:31 CET 2006

Jonathan wrote:
>>my main issue after doing a few
>>test encodes is with faac... it seems that when using -oac faac the
>>audio leads by several seconds (!)... not sure if sync drifts yet, so
>>a possible workaround might be manually determining an offset and
>>encoding with it, but still... i tried reencoding using x264 and -oac
>>mp3lame and sync was fine.
>>anyone else experienced this sync problem with faac? anone know of a solution?
> It may not be the same issue but when I was encoding to x264 with CVS
> from a couple of months back I found that the video was delayed by
> frame_duration*max_bframes.  I don't know if it was an encoding or
> decoding issue and I wound up hacking around it by using
> raw[audio|video], muxing to matroska and setting an audio delay in
> matroska.  I was also using Vorbis audio instead of faac because I never
> got faac working on windows and the files where destined for PC only
> playback anyway.

The video delay issue with B-frames is fixed in CVS; if the presence of
B-frames causes any delay issues now, please report them.


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