[MEncoder-users] sync problem with -oac faac

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml at fatooh.org
Wed Mar 1 01:39:33 CET 2006

Victor Condino wrote:
> Interestingly enough i've just done a few short test encodes, and from
> the results i'm starting to think that it might in fact be an issue
> with x264 and incomplete output files... IIRC on one test with
> x264/lame i actually had the same massive sync problem as i was having
> with x264/faac. on the next test encode, i tried x264/faac again
> (although just single-pass) on the same 2-minute VOB segment and found
> that playing the unfinished avi while the encode was running produced
> massive sync errors, however once mencoder finished and wrote the
> index to the avi, it seems to play back just fine... cuuuuuurious (!)
> ;)

I'm not able to reproduce this either. What version of mencoder are you
using? I thought you were using current CVS but now I can't see where I
got that idea...

> looks like i may have been chasing a red herring here... i'm going to
> fire up mencoder on the full VOB source again and just see if it
> dosen't work out... :)

Or, if you don't want to wait as long, use -frames or -endpos to make
mencoder only encode part of the movie. Also, you should be able to hit
CTRL-C while encoding and mencoder will write the headers and leave you
with a valid file.


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