[MEncoder-users] Remove gmc

Danilo Berardi danilo.berardi at poste.it
Tue Jan 31 00:43:56 CET 2006

Alle 22:37, lunedì 30 gennaio 2006, The Wanderer ha scritto:
> But then the final product will not be an "xvid", as he said it must.
> All he wants to do is remove the "gmc flag", whatever that may be,
> without otherwise modifying the bitstream; even if that is theoretically
> achievable (which it may not be), I highly doubt it is within the
> capabilities of MEncoder.
Yes final product will be an xvid, without gmc flag, re-encoding from current 
I think: a simple reencode from xvid lose quality. It is not  important  if  
(size final file) > (size initial file).
If this is out the capabilities of MEncoder.i will encode with:

1) mencoder -oac mp3lame -ovc xvid -lameopts preset=standard:fast -xvidencopts 
pass=1:vhq=4:autoaspect:cartoon:nogmc -vf pp=h1/v1/al/dr/tn,hqdn3d -o 
original.avi final.avi
2) mencoder -oac mp3lame -ovc xvid -lameopts preset=medium:fast -xvidencopts 
pass=2:bitrate=-20000:vhq=4:autoaspect:cartoon:nogmc  -o  original.avi 

Are those options right?

Thank you,

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