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Achilles Xu xulun at staff.sina.com.cn
Mon Aug 21 12:17:13 CEST 2006

Hello Alejandro Vargas,

Can you post the shell command that you used to "draw" the subtitle, so we can have a test and check what is wrong?
Have you specify the vbitrate parameter or just use default?


==== On 2006-08-21 Alejandro Vargas <alejandro.anv at gmail.com> wrote ======
>I've got an divx player that does not support subtitles. Then I uses
>mencoder to "draw" the subtitles in the video. The problem I see is
>that when the FIRST subtitle appears on the screen, very squares can
>be seen on it like it where BIG problem of bitrate. In generan there
>are wite squeres.
>¿Is there a solution for this? If you need I can send a sample video
>but I think it is easy to reproduce.
>Alejandro Vargas
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