[FFmpeg-user] Stuck preparing to compile ffmpeg from git source

ffmpeg-devel at TalkVideo.net ffmpeg-devel at TalkVideo.net
Mon Apr 13 05:28:34 EEST 2020


I know I can help you with this.

I have built FFMPEG zillions of times. Mostly on Slackware.

What was said above about clang and msvc is true, and probably best.

I do a YouTube Channel where I cover Tech Topics. I know for a fact
I can get you UnStuck.


If you can afford to set up a VM in AWS, then we can solve this.

I will cover it as content on my Channel. (I use OBS to broadcast 
live and record screens etc. I also build OBS from source).

The benefit to setting up a VM in  a cloud is that it is not 
your desktop machine, and it will be only used for building,
and can and should be turned off when not in use. (Those pennies per
hour add up quickly).

I will screen-record the whole process and then you can follow it.

You can also call-in when I am doing a Live Broadcastt.

Let me know if you are interested.

TalkVideo Network.

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