[FFmpeg-user] Stuck preparing to compile ffmpeg from git source

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 09:18:12 EEST 2020

On 04/14/2020 01:11 AM, Reindl Harald wrote> Am 13.04.20 um 22:52 schrieb Mark Filipak:
>> Are you saying that if someone wants to run a program that has
>> dependencies that aren't accommodated by their version of Linux, they
>> have to install a different version of Linux to run it?
> if you aren't happy with the binaries your distributiion ships and your
> distribution is outdated to build from source yes

My distro, Linux Mint 18, is a long-term support release... is it called "ESR"? I think so.

>> Reindl, I don't know what meson is beyond being a requirement that
>> prevents me running ./cross_compile_ffmpeg.sh -- why would I know > > you can google it

I did. That's how I found the '.deb' that I installed. I didn't see any "you don't really need this" 
tips. But it's moot now. I gave up on cross-compiling due to the problem, but I'm considering 
Windows native compilation.

You see, all the folks I've known always downloaded source from inside git. That's why I thought git 
had to have a full-time Internet connection. That I could download the '.git' and move it into the 
Windows host surprised me. And before you note that I assume too much -- you're right! -- I rarely 
get specific, unambiguous answers to questions and often resort to parsing for clues. If I get the 
parsing wrong, it's my fault of course, but getting some sympathy from the folks here sure would be 

I sure wish I could get of the s**t list here. What I'm trying to do is interesting, and I'd like to 
both get help and share the results. If it's a journey that many have already taken, well, that's 
okay for me because it's a worthy journey. If it (i.e., 5-5-5-5 pull-down) is not a journey not 
taken before, then I'm a pioneer -- "How can you identify the pioneers? They're the ones with the 
arrows in their backs! -- and I'm willing to spend the time and take the arrows.

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