[FFmpeg-user] Failed to open codec in avformat_find_stream_info

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 07:56:22 EEST 2020


>> Mail acting weird as always :| If anyone could suggest a good (less randomly behaving) alternative to the default mail app on Mac I’d be much obliged.
>> Anyway I was typing that I’m pretty sure 50M is the default for probesize so starting way down at 5M probably didn’t help.
>> Regards,
>> Ted Park
> Per https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-all.html#Format-Options,
> "probesize integer (input)
> Set probing size in bytes, i.e. the size of the data to analyze to get stream information. A higher value will enable detecting more information in case it is dispersed into the stream, but will increase latency. Must be an integer not lesser than 32. It is 5000000 by default.”
Oh wow, my mistake, I must have misread it by a zero, I’ve thought it was 50MB forever...

>> bluray
>>        Read BluRay playlist.
>>        The accepted options are:
>>        angle
>>            BluRay angle >
>>        chapter
>>            Start chapter (1...N)
>>        playlist
>>            Playlist to read (BDMV/PLAYLIST/?????.mpls)
>>        Examples:
>>        Read longest playlist from BluRay mounted to /mnt/bluray:
>>                bluray:/mnt/bluray
>>        Read angle 2 of playlist 4 from BluRay mounted to /mnt/bluray, start from chapter 2:
>>                -playlist 4 -angle 2 -chapter 2 bluray:/mnt/bluray
> I must confess that I don't know what that's about.

It’s like any other protocol, like how you could use concat:INPUT1|INPUT2|… to literally concatenate the inputs, on the block level i think? Or crypto:encryptedfile.ts with key parameters to decrypt, for BD-ROMs you would put bluray:/mnt/bd or bluray:/dev/loop0 or whatever your bluray device is, and provide the playlist in the BDMV filesystem along with the other parameters to specify what to read from the disk. For the mount point in windows, maybe it just takes a drive letter? 

Ted Park

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