[FFmpeg-user] how to display SOFT subs with ffplay -- 20140721

clu at free.fr clu at free.fr
Mon Jul 21 10:55:31 CEST 2014

Hi ffmpeg-(co-)users,
could not find any previous post on the subject (*) so i might be alone with that problem of mine.

To be practical : 
1. I've got container with DISCTINCT video, audio & subtitle streams (say an .mkv file)
2. while playing it with VLC and other player, the subs can be displayed ON & OFF with no prob
3. let's precise, if it could be part of the problem, I use win XP till win7 (problem not just on one PC, in fact)
4. even with the defaults but using the option -sst or the key 't', subs are not shown while video & audio are showing and switching fine.

so if womeone would help me i'd be very happy :
1. what are the possible reasons/cause for this issue? ... maybe too many so :
2. what shall i do to provide you with more infos for a better and more accurate diagnosis of the problem?

than you for reading me and for th help you might provide

(*) didn't get any other way to search bu to use google with this query [ffplay subtitles display site:https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user]
  side question : any other way?

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