[FFmpeg-user] issue : concatenate containers (.mkv) with subs -- 20140721

clu at free.fr clu at free.fr
Mon Jul 21 11:05:44 CEST 2014

Hi ffmpeg-(co-)users,
   could not find any previous post on the subject (*) so i might be alone with that problem of mine.

what is the proper way to concatenate videos with subtitles?
here is what i tried when merging (concat way) 2+ working fine mkv or ogm containing subs (srt type):
  1> ffmpeg -i "concat:v1.avi|v2.avi" -i "concat:v1.srt|v2.srt" -strict experimental -c copy "v.mkv"
  2> ffmpeg -i "concat:v1.avi|v2.avi" -i "concat:v1.srt|v2.srt" -strict experimental -vcodec copy -acodec copy -scodec srt "v.mkv"
then i also tried in two steps :
  3> ffmpeg -i "v1.avi" -i "v1.srt" -strict experimental -c copy "v1.mkv"
  3> ffmpeg -i "v2.avi" -i "v2.srt" -strict experimental -c copy "v2.mkv"
  3> ffmpeg -i "concat:v1.mkv|v2.mkv" -strict experimental -c copy "v.mkv"
but, for the cases the original vdos are clean, same format and so on, the resulting vdo only keeps the subs of the 1st file.

what am i doing wrong and how sould it be done?
thank you for your kind help.

(*) didn't get any other way to search bu to use google with this query [concatenate subtitles site:https://ffmpeg.org/pipermail/ffmpeg-user]
    side question : any other way?

PS: Well, for any newby around looking for similar issue here's what my results are:
1. without subtitles the 3rd method is the one to go.
2. until i get a solution, i'd say it does'nt work with subs streams (i only get the 1st file muxed!).
so what?
well, as far as i need to concatenate soft subbed videos (.mkv) i use the mkvtoolnix.
its syntax is awfull but there's a gui that even builds the command line for you so...
and it provides some extra operations (besides concatenating).
It's annoying to have to use more/other tools but it gets the job done, till i find a way to
have ffmpeg to do it (as advertised) -sigh-
good de/muxing all

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