[FFmpeg-user] Transport Stream (.ts) with ac3 audio

relaht at gmx.de relaht at gmx.de
Sat Feb 8 04:24:13 CET 2014

Sorry, the link of the Testfiles.zip from my last mail seems to be gone.
here it is gain:

Am 08.02.2014 um 04:15 schrieb "relaht at gmx.de" <relaht at gmx.de>:

>> That said, there is a ticket (unreachable atm) which 
>> describes the same problem, since no developer can 
>> repropuce this and afaik WMP plays the files that FFmpeg 
>> writes, I don't think this has any priority;-(
>> Carl Eugen
> I made a lot of test these days and I find out it is very easy to verify the issue on Mac OSX (I tested on version 10.8.2 - Mountain Lion)
> With a regular .ts file (including ac3-audio) the finder will show a thumbnail of the movie and you can preview it by pressing the space bar.
> With a .ts file created by FFmpeg, the finder shows only an icon and you can not preview it.
> Another thing is, if I re-mux the .ts file (created by FFmpeg) with MPEG Streamclip, everything is back to normal.
> So the issue might not be a big thing. Maybe just a problem with the header…!?!!
> Here are two test files:
> The 1st is created by FFmpeg (simply by copying the audio- and the video codec from the original file)
> The 2nd is a re-mux of the first file (Created by FFmpeg) with MPEG Streamclip
> Testfiles.zip (17.4MB)
> If you need more informations or files, please let me know.
> I'm quite desperate to see this issue fixed and willing to help as far as I can.
> Michael
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