[FFmpeg-user] Transport Stream (.ts) with ac3 audio

relaht at gmx.de relaht at gmx.de
Sat Feb 8 04:15:34 CET 2014

> That said, there is a ticket (unreachable atm) which 
> describes the same problem, since no developer can 
> repropuce this and afaik WMP plays the files that FFmpeg 
> writes, I don't think this has any priority;-(
> Carl Eugen

I made a lot of test these days and I find out it is very easy to verify the issue on Mac OSX (I tested on version 10.8.2 - Mountain Lion)
With a regular .ts file (including ac3-audio) the finder will show a thumbnail of the movie and you can preview it by pressing the space bar.
With a .ts file created by FFmpeg, the finder shows only an icon and you can not preview it.

Another thing is, if I re-mux the .ts file (created by FFmpeg) with MPEG Streamclip, everything is back to normal.
So the issue might not be a big thing. Maybe just a problem with the header…!?!!

Here are two test files:

The 1st is created by FFmpeg (simply by copying the audio- and the video codec from the original file)
The 2nd is a re-mux of the first file (Created by FFmpeg) with MPEG Streamclip

Testfiles.zip (17.4MB)

If you need more informations or files, please let me know.
I'm quite desperate to see this issue fixed and willing to help as far as I can.


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