[FFmpeg-user] VFR jpg files to MJPEG video

MiHe video-server at aab.sk
Fri Feb 7 15:39:34 CET 2014

Dňa 07.02.2014 15:01, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote / napísal(a):
> MiHe <video-server <at> aab.sk> writes:
>>> Why don't you use FFmpeg to receive the frames directly
>>> from the camera?
>> that was my first solution but it has many drawbacks,
>> which are too off topic.
> off-topic in the sense that your work-flow somehow
> requires you not to use FFmpeg for that task or off-topic
> in the sense that you found so many issues with FFmpeg
> that you prefer to keep them for yourself?
in the sense that using video formats as permanent storage for images is 
unsuitable for my application.
ffmpeg would be then one more unneccessary layer in my application design
- bringing its own latency (of image retrieval)
- needs much time and effort (managing ffmpeg as processes or 
programming the ffmpeg libraries, or coping with connection failures )

the idea now is to use ffmpeg to create video files at user request, 
that way it is much simpler for me.

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