[FFmpeg-user] VFR jpg files to MJPEG video

Renato Santos renato.cron at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 10:47:55 CET 2014

I think I will need do this in near future too.

I'm think about after downloading a mjpg streaming (with framerate will
vary, I have a Perl for this) each 20 sec of recording, do:

Get the max frame rate from some second, then create symbolic links for
filling "missing" frames, then make it sequential and convert to a video in
this max-frame rate.

I think this will work but is a little stupid to make ffmpeg read N times
more the same image from disk, but make this on /dev/shm should speed up

Is a Chinese cheap camera too and the rtsp link doesn't work

i have JPG files with millisecond timestamps in the file name,
from a VFR ip camera, avg 0.5 - 2 FPS
i can feed these through stdin or rename files so they are numbered
(image2) but the PTS is not correct because of the VFR.

is it possible to construct a playable video file (MP4/AVI/MKV),
which uses MJPEG codec(without transcoding) with these exact VFR timestamps
? (PTS specified per frame)
is it possible to do this with ffmpeg?

thank you very much.


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