[FFmpeg-user] FLAC or Vorbis audio in .mov file

Malcolm Bechard thesauce at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 21:26:20 CET 2011

I'm trying to encode FLAC or vorbis audio to a .mov file using the
following command

ffmpeg -i input.mov -i input.mp3 -vcodec mjpeg -acodec flac output.mov
ffmpeg -i input.mov -i input.mp3 -vcodec mjpeg -acodec libvorbis output.mov

I see the error:
Warning, using MS style audio codec tag, the file may be unplayable!

And the file is infact unplayable in VLC player.

According to this page (which I understand isn't the definitive answer),
both of these codecs should be legal in that container:

Looking into the ffmpeg code, I see in the file libavformat/isom.c has the
list of codec->tags which are legal.

Vorbis is commented out in that file, and FLAC is missing. Is this just a
matter of adding these codecs to this list, or is there other work that
needs to be done to add proper support for this audio codecs in this
container format?



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