[FFmpeg-user] FLAC or Vorbis audio in .mov file

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Dec 21 13:32:23 CET 2011

Malcolm Bechard <thesauce <at> gmail.com> writes:

> ffmpeg -i input.mov -i input.mp3 -vcodec mjpeg -acodec flac output.mov

I believe this produces a playable file

> ffmpeg -i input.mov -i input.mp3 -vcodec mjpeg -acodec libvorbis output.mov

I am not so sure about this one...

> I see the error:
> Warning, using MS style audio codec tag, the file may be unplayable!

So to sum up your report:
"FFmpeg warned me that my output file may be unplayable, but the file does not
play with vlc!"

I assume it works fine with ffplay (for both) and MPlayer (for flac)?

If you want to help, please try to fine the stream specifiers in the sources of
http://xiph.org/quicktime/ (I did not succeed).

You could also try if
ffmpeg -i input.mov -acodec flac outf.wav
play with vlc: If it does, vlc needs to read riff twoccs for tags starting with
"ms" (and it also means many certainly valid files will likely not play), if it
does not play, I would assume vlc does not define twoccs for (vorbis and) flac
(and I would consider it a bad idea if they invent new ones).

Carl Eugen

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