[FFmpeg-devel] vhook, watermark and padding

Luke Scott luke
Sun May 13 10:48:19 CEST 2007

I downloaded imlib2 v1.4.0 and finally got it installed. But I can't  
get ffmpeg to detect that it exists. I can't seem to find a devel  
package for this version. When I tried installing an RPM for an older  
version it still didn't pick it up.

Any idea how to make this work?

On May 12, 2007, at 10:46 PM, Piero Bugoni wrote:

> This is now a question for ffmpeg-user
> Any further threads on this should probably be there.
> But, I will answer this post as I can here.
> --- Luke Scott <luke at cywh.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for the tip :). I had noticed this before
>> because I saw "text"
>> and didn't know it did images... Kind of just
>> skimmed over it.
> Read The Factory Manual.
>> It looks like I need imlib2 installed... When i run
> Yes must have imlib2 installed.
>> ./configure it
>> says I don't have libX11... On a server I'm not sure
>> why that's
>> needed exactly, nor do I know how to put it on...
>> (if what it is I
>> think it is).
> It may be a server, and you are only doing a
> command-line login. (No GUI, no X-Windows).
> But...
> The libraries associated with the GUI may be needed by
> any program that does any kind of graphics, even if
> those graphics are displayed on a remote screen.
>> Is there any special method of making it work with
>> ffmpeg? Do I need
>> to recompile ffmpeg for it to work?
> Yes. Build and install imlib2, or use an rpm if that
> is  your fetish. Make sure to install any
> corresponding "devel" packages if using RedHat/RPM.
> `
> To be safe, make sure to run `ldconfig -v` after
> installing any libraries.
> Then rebuild ffmpeg.
>> All I want to do is place a stationary image in the
>> bottom right hand
>> corner with a bit of transparency. I'm assuming I
>> use the "x" and "y"
>> flags along with the image height and width. What
> "x" and "y" flags are location of upper right corner
> of image, not image size. Image size is established
> using your photo program, like XV, or GIMP. Use a PNG
> image.
>> about the frame
>> height and width part? Does that need to be
>> specified.
> Generally yes, on the ffmpeg command line. Has nothing
> to do with your image. Adjust your overlay image size
> before using it as an overlay.
>> I posted in devel on accident... I found this
>> newsletter through
>> Google and wasn't thinking about the "devel" part.
>> I'm very much new
>> to newsletters.
> Some of the regulars here will bitch and whine if you
> are not anal-protocol.
> I did the best I could in my documentation to create
> examples that can be used directly, and explain
> conceptually how to use those functions. Please spend
> some time on it, and let me know if you get the
> concept.
> Thanks,
> P.
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