[FFmpeg-devel] vhook, watermark and padding

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Sun May 13 07:46:21 CEST 2007

This is now a question for ffmpeg-user

Any further threads on this should probably be there.

But, I will answer this post as I can here.

--- Luke Scott <luke at cywh.com> wrote:

> Thanks for the tip :). I had noticed this before
> because I saw "text"  
> and didn't know it did images... Kind of just
> skimmed over it.

Read The Factory Manual.

> It looks like I need imlib2 installed... When i run

Yes must have imlib2 installed.

> ./configure it  
> says I don't have libX11... On a server I'm not sure
> why that's  
> needed exactly, nor do I know how to put it on...
> (if what it is I  
> think it is).

It may be a server, and you are only doing a
command-line login. (No GUI, no X-Windows).

The libraries associated with the GUI may be needed by
any program that does any kind of graphics, even if
those graphics are displayed on a remote screen.

> Is there any special method of making it work with
> ffmpeg? Do I need  
> to recompile ffmpeg for it to work?

Yes. Build and install imlib2, or use an rpm if that
is  your fetish. Make sure to install any
corresponding "devel" packages if using RedHat/RPM.
To be safe, make sure to run `ldconfig -v` after
installing any libraries.

Then rebuild ffmpeg.

> All I want to do is place a stationary image in the
> bottom right hand  
> corner with a bit of transparency. I'm assuming I
> use the "x" and "y"  
> flags along with the image height and width. What

"x" and "y" flags are location of upper right corner
of image, not image size. Image size is established
using your photo program, like XV, or GIMP. Use a PNG

> about the frame  
> height and width part? Does that need to be
> specified.

Generally yes, on the ffmpeg command line. Has nothing
to do with your image. Adjust your overlay image size
before using it as an overlay.

> I posted in devel on accident... I found this
> newsletter through  
> Google and wasn't thinking about the "devel" part.
> I'm very much new  
> to newsletters.

Some of the regulars here will bitch and whine if you
are not anal-protocol.

I did the best I could in my documentation to create
examples that can be used directly, and explain
conceptually how to use those functions. Please spend
some time on it, and let me know if you get the



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