[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: flash video 8 with on2 vp6/vp7 codec support in libavformat?

John Koleszar jkoleszar
Thu Mar 16 14:36:02 CET 2006

compn wrote:
> Mike Melanson wrote:
>> compn wrote:
>>> hey! new flash video codecs in the wild!
>> 	I'm pretty sure that's not true.
>>> could you take a look at this sample and perhapse fix whatever is wrong
>>> in the demuxer?
>> 	FFmpeg does not handle On2's VP6 found in FLV/SWF.
>> -- 
>> 	-Mike Melanson
> i think we had a missunderstanding... the problem is the demuxer not codec.
>>> http://home.twmi.rr.com/compn/clip1024.flv
>>> Playing clip1024.flv.
>>> libavformat file format detected.
>>> [flv @ 0x5a9230]Unsupported video codec (4)
> in libavformat/flvdec.c
> st->codec->codec_type = CODEC_TYPE_VIDEO;
>             switch(flags & 0xF){
>             case 2: st->codec->codec_id = CODEC_ID_FLV1; break;
>             default:
>                     av_log(s, AV_LOG_INFO, "Unsupported video codec (%x)\n", flags & 0xf);
>                 st->codec->codec_tag= flags & 0xF;
>             }
>     }
> i believe the new codec needs to be defined here. so that mplayer can play
> it using the vp6vfw.dll binary codec.
> also i'd love to see rtmp:// support in ffmpeg/mplayer, red5 ( osflash.org/red5 
> seems to have some start on the rtmp protocol)
> rtmp://fcs.fox.speedera.net/vod/fcs.fox/simpsons/sexy_video.flv
> for s sample rtmp stream
> -compn

Ffmpeg won't be able to play VP6 until On2 releases the source publicly
or someone reverse engineers it. Mplayer is where you want to look for
using closed source codecs. I'm hoping to release patches/etc to make
this work under Mplayer, but that definitely won't happen until
Adobe/Macromedia publishes the Flash 8 File Format Specification. I can
tell you that it's possible (I've done it), but I probably can't go into
much detail about what's involved at this point.


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