[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: flash video 8 with on2 vp6/vp7 codec supportin libavformat?

Gerd Hilgemann / OnlineLib.de gh
Thu Mar 16 15:05:04 CET 2006

hi john,

the flv file specification has not changed in flash 8. its the same as in 
flash 7!

you have the same tags 09 = video, 08 = audio as in flash 7.

i simple use the vp6vfw.dll to generate flash8 videos with the "old"
flv specification. but on2 dont gives the legal rights for this in their
licensee of the personal vp6vfw licensee.

message me if you have any questions. i would like to help to include
the vp6 - flv playing feature in mplayer.

kind regards
gary, germany

> Ffmpeg won't be able to play VP6 until On2 releases the source publicly
> or someone reverse engineers it. Mplayer is where you want to look for
> using closed source codecs. I'm hoping to release patches/etc to make
> this work under Mplayer, but that definitely won't happen until
> Adobe/Macromedia publishes the Flash 8 File Format Specification. I can
> tell you that it's possible (I've done it), but I probably can't go into
> much detail about what's involved at this point.
> John
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