consumers slow to upgrade to HDTV (was: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] [ bug ] converting png to dv gives solid black )

Dieter ffmpeg
Tue Mar 14 18:35:43 CET 2006

> > Wouldn't you know, those 
> > darn consumers just don't care about adopting better TV technologies (I 
> > count myself among their ranks).
> Yeah, we darn consumers taking our time to upgrade

Which I'm sure has nothing to do with the difficulty of finding a
display that actually resolves 1920x1080, the cost of such a display
if you can find one, and the artifacts and other problems of many of
the newer display technologies.

And of course they are still selling analog-only TVs, which doesn't help
the numbers.

> Plus if
> you depend on over-the-air broadcasts for your TV, as a lot of poorer people do,

OTA isn't just for poor people, it has a better picture than many (most?)
cable systems.

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