[Ffmpeg-devel] Google SoC: We're In!

mkhodor7 at yahoo.com mkhodor7
Thu Apr 27 11:02:14 CEST 2006

Well here is a wishlist, if people need things to do :)

Speex support in ffmpeg
Theora encoding in ffmpeg
Mux Theora into mkv or something with less overhead than ogg
Complete RealAudio/RealVideo muxer
Write a VP62 decoder not directly based on the code that On2 claims is theirs
WMA encoding (could be based on AC3 or vorbis encoder)
Integrate fixed-point WMA decoder from RockBox
Make ffmpeg run better on GP2X and other handhelds
LGPL AC3 decoder
General cleanup of ADPCM encoding (ffmpeg claims to be able to encode
 many formats it can't, and doesn't give useful error messages)
Find a way to make flv encoding more idiot-proof so people stop asking
 why audio doesn't work when they forgot to include lame.
Some form of low-bitrate encoding (<16kbps) for low-bandwidth webcasts
 would be nice. Could be based on speex, aac, realaudio, or something
 else. Realaudio 14.4/28.8 encoders might be feasible.

Frequently requested decoders (reverse engineering):

RealAudio sipr
Fix QDM2 so it doesn't sound weird
WMV2 J-frames

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