[Ffmpeg-devel] Google SoC: We're In!

Mike Melanson mike
Thu Apr 27 06:50:38 CEST 2006


Last night, I got a formal rejection notice from someone at the Google
Summer of Code project. This afternoon I received a cordial acceptance
from the same person. Strange how things work out sometimes.

So FFmpeg is designated, along with nearly 100 other projects, as a
mentoring organization:


The only other multimedia projects I recognize are MythTV and Xiph.org.
There is also Blender and GIMP if you stretch the definition.

I have started entering project ideas in the MultimediaWiki:


Please add your own and also mention if you would be willing to be the
mentor for the project; I will be expanding the details on my entries
when I am more awake tomorrow. Also let me know privately if you would
like to register as an FFmpeg mentor and I will send the details.

	-Mike Melanson 

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