[MEncoder-users] avi->dvd: -oac copy jerky

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Wed Dec 28 11:08:10 CET 2005

Tomáš Bažant wrote:

> after three days of experimenting, i found that:
> when converting AVI+5.1AC3 to dvd compliant MPEG2 stream with -oac 
> copy (i.e i wanted to preserve the 6ch audio track as is in the 
> original avi), the resulting mpeg2 stream is ok (also my harware 
> player plays it ok), but after authoring (dvdauthor) and burning it 
> (k3b) as Video DVD, the sam ehardware player jerks from time to tim. 
> this jerkiness becomes more and more often until it stops fully.
> but when i use the same command line BUT change and put '-oac lavc 
> -lavcopts acodec=ac3:br=192...' instead of '-oac copy', everything's 
> fine then. it's a pity i cannot preserve 6 channels, but these two 
> would do as well.

does your player show the same problems if you encode audio to 384 or 
higher kb/s ?

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