[MEncoder-users] avi->dvd: -oac copy jerky

Tomáš Bažant tomas.bazant at rozhlas.cz
Wed Dec 28 08:24:02 CET 2005

after three days of experimenting, i found that:
when converting AVI+5.1AC3 to dvd compliant MPEG2 stream with -oac copy 
(i.e i wanted to preserve the 6ch audio track as is in the original 
avi), the resulting mpeg2 stream is ok (also my harware player plays it 
ok), but after authoring (dvdauthor) and burning it (k3b) as Video DVD, 
the sam ehardware player jerks from time to tim. this jerkiness becomes 
more and more often until it stops fully.

but when i use the same command line BUT change and put '-oac lavc 
-lavcopts acodec=ac3:br=192...' instead of '-oac copy', everything's 
fine then. it's a pity i cannot preserve 6 channels, but these two would 
do as well.


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