[MEncoder-users] mencoder/mplayer DVD playback problem (was mencoder fails to play a certain DVD title)

Phil Ehrens phil at slug.org
Tue Dec 20 22:07:34 CET 2005

Jonathan wrote:
> >libdvdread: Can't seek to block 4294918512

I will make a wild guess and say that either the version/build
of libdvdread is buggy or the disk is damaged in some way that
is specifically fatal for libdvdread.

Just for laughs, I might try booting the computer with some
small linux distro specifically geared for playing dvd's, and
see if it can play the problem title, since whatever it will
use will probably use libdvdread.

And now I can tell you at least why *I* didn't read very far
in your original post... because you mentioned that you were
running windows ;^x

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