[MEncoder-users] Re: that Inu Yasha material with dotcrawl

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Mon Dec 19 08:47:11 CET 2005

Phil Ehrens wrote:

>>>Otherwise, how could he have gotten such bad dotcrawl from dvd's that I
>>>have ripped without a problem?
>>This has absolutely nothing to do with the dotcrawl. If you're sure
>>the official R1 DVDs you have are clean, then he got dotcrawl because
>>he bought pirated "region 0" discs from some disreputable vendor.
>The pirated ones I saw that were TV rips had the dotcrawl bad. The guy
>insisted he was ripping legit R1 or R2 discs... But then why did he have
>the extreme red bloom?!
Hardly relevant is it? the dotcrawl was the inportant part, I can give 
you other clips from my Maison Ikkoku DVDs that also has dotcrawl, and 
those are definitly leagal (unless viz has started to sell HKDVDs on 
thier online store). There are other titles as well where I've seen it 
(though none has been even close to as bad as these). The one who gave 
me the IY DVDs are unavailable so I can't ask where he bought them 
(probably wouldn't do it anyway...), still, you said it was the "old, 
crappy HK bootleg dvd's" and that the new ones with dual audio looks 
better. Since the dvds I have are dual audio, it can't be the ones you 
talk about.

If you say that you have the retail dvds and that they don't have the 
dotcrawl, then I suppose these are bootlegs, lets just settle with that.


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