[MEncoder-users] Re: x264 lossless, or is it?

Aleksandar Uzelac uzi at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Mon Dec 5 22:36:22 CET 2005

> JPG I think?...

  i don't like jpg, it's not lossless...

> Maybe you should try MPNG :) it's basically just -ovc copy of 'mf://*.png'

  this is a great idea! i see that FFDSHOW is supporting this format. but can i
use mencoder to make MPNG? and when i say mencoder, i mean win32 build. i dont
have it in "-ovc help", and lavc "vcodec" doesn't have MPNG as an option (but in
FFDSHOW it is libavcodec that handles this type of movie).


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