[MEncoder-users] Subtitles out of sync after IVTC

Michael Fiano axion at 37.com
Sun Dec 4 03:59:44 CET 2005

Hi mencoders,
   I am encoding an anime DVD. I have encoded a 30i NTSC DVD to a 24p XviD with
the following command:

mencoder -oac copy -ovc xvid -ofps 24000/1001 -sws 9 -vf
pullup,softskip,hqdn3d,crop=704:464:10:10,scale=576:432 -xvidencopts
video.vob -o video.avi

The quality is really good, and the telecine process has been reversed
great...even on pans/zooms. When I play the file, the audio is in perfect sync
up to the end. Also, ripping the audio from the source and replacing it with the
audio copied during the encode results in no sync issues either. The problem is
when I watch the encode with subtitles. The subtitles I use are untouched VobSub
subtitles from the source, extracted with the command:

mencoder -vf pullup,softskip -nosound -vobsubout subs -vobsuboutindex 0 -sid 0
-ovc frameno -o /dev/null video.vob

They are in sync at the beginning, but as the time progresses, the subtitles
lose sync gradually. This happens with external subs with AVI, and also
contained in a matroska MKV. This is also consistant with at least 2 other anime
DVD's I have tried.

Does anyone have any clue why only subtitles are out of sync, or any suggestions
to try?

Thanks in advance,

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