[rtmpdump] Adobe Flash player (windows 7) vol 33 issue 3

Michael pcwizard at sc.rr.com
Wed Jun 6 13:53:28 CEST 2012



I noticed in the example from the news letter, (vol 33 issue 3),  that you
are using Adobe Flash Player 11,1,102,55.  I tried many different vers but
wondered what you folks recommend as the base line vers for rtmpdump
please?  I'm using Ver 2.5 of rtmpdump.   I set my path as well for rtmpdump
wondered how or what is the proper way to set the path for the best possibe
results with any vers of rtmpdump?  Still have much to learn but always look
forward to the news letter as the examples and further discussions have
answered many of my questions.  Thanks for all you folks do!!


M Wilson

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