[rtmpdump] RtmpDumpHelper

Steven Penny svnpenn at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 07:23:02 CEST 2012

Howard Chu wrote:
> Folks should be focusing on making rtmpsuck work on Windows, not rtmpsrv.
> There are plenty of sites that rtmpsrv can't help with. As I said before,
> rtmpsrv was never meant to be actually used by anybody.

It appears RtmpDumpHelper does work with RtmpSuck, but only on certain sites.
Also, does it not give download status like RtmpDump?

RTMP Proxy Server v2.4-34-g7340f6d
(c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu; license: GPL

Streaming on rtmp://
WARNING: Trying different position for client digest!
Processing connect
app: 2045FB/showtv1
flashVer: WIN 11,1,102,55
swfUrl: http://www.showtvnet.com/player/streamplayer.swf?v1.2
tcUrl: rtmp://fml.45FB.edgecastcdn.net/2045FB/showtv1
pageUrl: http://www.showtvnet.com/player/index.asp?ptype=1&product=showtv
Playpath: showtv1?0c263cde983e2134c1ad8f64b1539be7bc9892e9d059d4e706ccb94a18fec2
Saving as: showtv1
INFO: Metadata:
INFO:   author
INFO:   copyright
INFO:   description
INFO:   keywords
INFO:   rating
INFO:   title
INFO:   presetname            Custom
INFO:   creationdate          Thu May 31 16:55:42 2012
INFO:   videodevice           USB 2821 Device [1]
INFO:   framerate             25.00
INFO:   width                 320.00
INFO:   height                240.00
INFO:   videocodecid          VP62
INFO:   videodatarate         300.00
INFO:   videokeyframe_frequency3.00
INFO:   audiodevice           Line (7- PCTV EMP Audio Device)
INFO:   audiosamplerate       22050.00
INFO:   audiochannels         1.00
INFO:   audioinputvolume      75.00
INFO:   audiocodecid          .mp3
INFO:   audiodatarate         32.00
WARNING: ignoring too small audio packet: size: 0

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