[rtmpdump] [PATCH] Make rtmpdump handle full RTMP URLs with "-i"

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Thu Jul 19 11:01:29 CEST 2012

Bastien Nocera wrote:
> On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 17:14 -0500, Steven Penny wrote:
>> On Jul 18, 2012 Bastien Nocera wrote
>>> Make rtmpdump handle full RTMP URLs with "-i" or --url. The library already
>>> can handle those, so it makes debugging easier for users of the library.
>> This is redundant code. RtmpDump already supports these options via
>>   --protocol
>>   --host
>>   --port
>>   --app
>>   --swfUrl
>>   --tcUrl
>> Additionally, in many cases tcUrl is assumed based on the app/playpath. I say if
>> you want to see this pass you will bring some more discussion to the table than
>> "Short sentence commit message".
> The library uses the parsed URL, but the command-line application can't?
> Seems weird.

Just a historical cruft. The command line tools were meant to be migrated to
the new parser a long time ago.

It would be nice to adapt rtmpgw too if you get a chance.

> I'm writing code that generates those sort of URLs, which are understood
> by applications like Totem, VLC, XBMC, or mplayer (through librtmp). It
> makes complete sense that the low-level utility that's rtmpdump supports
> it too.

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