[rtmpdump] another verifiable "video jumps-backwards" case

Steven Penny svnpenn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 01:40:08 CEST 2012

Aug 6, 2012 Gunnar wrote
> Symptom  (windows, on V 2.4, also 2.3)
> Console %-counter goes to, lets say 0.8%, back to 0.2%, goes to 0.9%, back
> to 0.4%, etc.
> At every discontinuity a new "info page" of the video is printed
> Stored video also "jumps backwards", repeats in the same way, file becomes
> much larger than expected.

You need to keep up with the times.


rtmpdump -r rtmp://video.c-spanarchives.org:1935/bwcheck -a bwcheck -f 'WIN 1
1,3,300,257' -W 'http://www.c-spanvideo.org/videoLibrary/assets/swf/CSPANPlayer.
swf?ver=' -p http://www.c-spanvideo.or
g/program/TaxPolicyR -y mp4:downloads/305/305813-2/305813-2-MP4-STD/305813-2-MP4
-STD_01.mp4 -o 305813-2-MP4-STD_01.flv -R
RTMPDump v2.4-35-ge0056c5
(c) 2010 Andrej Stepanchuk, Howard Chu, The Flvstreamer Team; license: GPL
Connecting ...
INFO: Connected...
Starting download at: 0.000 kB
  in approximately realtime (disabled BUFX speedup hack)
INFO: Metadata:
INFO: trackinfo:
INFO:   timescale             24.00
INFO:   length                83221.00
INFO:   language              eng
INFO: sampledescription:
INFO:   sampletype            avc1
INFO:   timescale             48000.00
INFO:   length                166445056.00
INFO:   language              eng
INFO: sampledescription:
INFO:   sampletype            mp4a
INFO:   audiochannels         2.00
INFO:   audiosamplerate       48000.00
INFO:   videoframerate        24.00
INFO:   aacaot                2.00
INFO:   avclevel              30.00
INFO:   avcprofile            77.00
INFO:   audiocodecid          mp4a
INFO:   videocodecid          avc1
INFO:   width                 853.00
INFO:   height                480.00
INFO:   frameWidth            640.00
INFO:   frameHeight           480.00
INFO:   displayWidth          853.00
INFO:   displayHeight         480.00
INFO:   framerate             24.00
INFO:   moovposition          197159324.00
INFO:   duration              3467.61
11634.603 kB / 205.29 sec (5.9%)

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