[rtmpdump] another verifiable "video jumps-backwards" case

Gunnar gunnar at surfnet.fi
Mon Aug 6 15:02:32 CEST 2012

Symptom  (windows, on V 2.4, also 2.3)
Console %-counter goes to, lets say 0.8%, back to 0.2%, goes to 0.9%, 
back to 0.4%, etc.
At every discontinuity a new "info page" of the video is printed
Stored video also "jumps backwards", repeats in the same way, file 
becomes much larger than expected.

Using -V for more info seem to show it is connected to the 
stream.pause.notify and unpause, send-pause interchange with server?
This eventually causes a "Stream EOF 1" message, and new attempt? but 
jumps backwards?

In an earlier case I "butchered" the (V2.3) code, commented out the 
send-pause code in rtmpdump, "fixed" the problem but the download speed 
of course dropped to "nominal",etc side effects.

the full rtmpdump argument line

rtmpdump -V -r "rtmp://video.c-spanarchives.org:1935/bwcheck" -a 
"bwcheck" -f "WIN 11,3,300,270" -W 
-p "http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/TaxPolicyR" -y 
"mp4:downloads/305/305813-2/305813-2-MP4-STD/305813-2-MP4-STD_01.mp4" -o 

minimal argument line

rtmpdump -V -r "rtmp://video.c-spanarchives.org:1935/bwcheck" -a 
"bwcheck"  -y 
"mp4:downloads/305/305813-2/305813-2-MP4-STD/305813-2-MP4-STD_01.mp4" -o 

http://c-span.org is not any "flash-by-night" streamer, but THE MAJOR 
ONE, have 30 years 24/7 archived  of US congressional sessions , 
hearings,etc,etc probably "largest in world", 100,000s hours of 
"professional streams".

However, they use different servers for different archived material, 
some clearly outsourced
This problem seems to be connected to some recent upgrade on this 
specific stream-server service.
That is, recently new server sw-versions on c-spanarchives and maybe 
that new app bwcheck, never seen it before.


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