[rtmpdump] Librtmp connection problem

chucky chucky at wrutschkow.org
Thu Oct 13 10:55:50 CEST 2011

That was my first thought to but as I wrote rtmpdump.exe worked as 
expected on my install so that sort of narrowed it down to being a 
matter of how I was using librtmp.

But I actually figured it out my self just yesterday. In Windows 
(Winsock2) you have to call WSAStartup bofore using socket functions. 
Librtmp doesn't do this. Rtmpdump (in rtmpdump.c) does it before calling 

After adding these lines into my project it works:
#ifdef WIN32
   WORD version;
   WSADATA wsaData;

   version = MAKEWORD(1, 1);
   return (WSAStartup(version, &wsaData) == 0);

On Wed, 12 Oct 2011 23:24:12 -0400, Kirill Zorin wrote:
> If this had been a problem with librtmp, it would have been reported
> long ago. Most likely something is off with DNS lookups on your
> windows install. Try to ping the host or something, and make sure you
> can connect to it at all, never mind librtmp. In other words dig
> around, considering it's highly unlikely that this is a problem with
> librtmp.
> On 2011-10-07, at 7:18 AM, chucky <chucky at wrutschkow.org> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm using librtmp in a project of mine. In Linux everything works 
>> just fine. When i compile (with QT Creator and mingw) and run my 
>> program in Windows however I get:
>>> ERROR: RTMP_HashSWF: connection lost while downloading swfurl 
>>> http://svtplay.se/flash/svtplayer-2011.13.swf
>>> ERROR: Problem accessing the DNS. (addr: 
>>> fl11.c91005.cdn.qbrick.com)
>> from librtmp.
>> Rtmpdump.exe works as expected on the same URL, but in my program 
>> librtmp doesn't seem to connect at all. Is it a problem with socket 
>> library? I'm totally lost here, don't know where to start.
>> Jacques
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