[rtmpdump] HTTP_Read not reading full response before parsing.

Howard Chu hyc at highlandsun.com
Fri Dec 23 02:57:06 CET 2011

KSV wrote:
> Test Cases:
> 1. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://fls1g1.services.att-idns.net/av1/_definst_" -a "av1/_definst_" -y "mp4:v5/2327/11219/1cdss3c/entertainment/prod/nextgen/assets/usa/genex/blink182_full_concert.mp4" -o Test.flv
> 2. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://ll2.workcast.net:80/vod1/mp4:Game300-LanguageXXX-Rec2_0_20110828151412811_1.mp4" -W "http://c466722.workcast.net/flowplayer.commercial-3.2.5.swf" -p "http://video.homelessworldcup.org/AuditoriumUsher.aspx?pak=6733772765126804&cpak=341 2165343567627" -o "VideoName.mp4"
> 3. rtmpdump -r "rtmpt://ctv-flv1.content.mediastream.cz/CTv-video" -y "mp4:vypravej/history/139.mp4" -f "WIN 10,3,183,11" -s "http://img8.ceskatelevize.cz/libraries/JWPlayer/player.swf" -W "http://img8.ceskatelevize.cz/libraries/JWPlayer/player.swf" -p "http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10266819072-vypravej/ve-stopach-doby/1975/v-moste-byl-kvuli-dolovani-presunut-dekansky-kostel-nanebevzeti-panny-marie/" -T "5%qp-xvbt+_oi" -o "x.mp4"
> i have tidied up my patch further and also edited post headers to match closely with the headers sent
> by the original flash client plus one another fix. without patch none of the above three url's work. with this
> new patch video from first url downloads successfully.

What version of the flash client are you using? I know the headers have 
strange end-of-lines, but these match exactly what my Flash 10 client was sending.

> in case of last two urls server drops connection (sends FIN) as soon as second handshake packet is sent. it doesn't wait
> for any further communications. flash server in both failing cases is FlashCom 3.5.4. assuming it's not new rtmp handshake
> (which seems to be the case because we have now other url's to test) the only thing that remain to be tested is sending the
> second handshake and connect command in single packet because it's the only difference i can notice between flash client
> and rtmpdump.
> new patch is attached herewith.

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